About Me

My name is Kari, I'm a lover of adoption and all of it's crazy processes.  I started this blog almost five years ago when my husband and I started to journey into adoption.  On October 1st, 2010 we welcomed home one completely amazing, hilarious, stubborn, introverted, BEAUTIFUL, and smart little girl, Emery via domestic adoption in the state of Florida.  I am a wife of 16 years to Tyler, who is my very best friend and the one who makes me laugh the most, believe in myself the most, trust myself the most, lets me be myself the most, challenges me the most, kisses me the most, and corrals me the most.  If it weren't for him I would probably have no less than 10 cats, and other random pets including but not limited to basically any stray that comes along. We have five amazing kids, that we were blessed with via the wonder of adoption.  You can find us in our sleep little lake town in Winona Lake, Indiana riding bikes, grilling out, swimming, working in the yard and overall just being really loud.

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