Thursday, April 16, 2015

In which I officially become a mother of FIVE...

Tomorrow, ahem I'm sorry it's actually today since I'm an insane person and haven't gone to bed yet at 3:45am.  I digress, tomorrow I become officially a mother of five children.  I mean in my brain I've mothered them already, from afar at least, setting up meetings, expressing concerns, planning for them, praying for them, and dreaming about them.  I
This is one of those scenarios where there isn't a whole lot of difference between me carrying a baby in my belly for nine months and picking up four kids from the airport and driving home with them in the car.  It's still surreal and it's still weird, and it's still incredibly terrifying but also incredibly exciting.  Us mothers, we're all the same you know?  No matter how we got there.  We still loved someone we never met, we still planned for them, created rooms for them, took vitamins for them and obeyed cravings for them and all for the same end have them be yours for life.  Mine just happen to be 2,4,5,6, & 8.
Almost one year ago I stared at four sweet faces on a website and together Tyler and I made the first move in blind faith and sheer terror that the Lord would completely plan our steps out until the very end.  That all the glory, all the honor, all the credit and praise is due Him because there is no way on this entire earth that He Himself created that this whole thing could have even been possible.  His plans are made perfect in my weakness and I assure you in this process my weakness was prevalent.

To my fantastic four,
Today's the day.  The day you come home.  And I know it's scary and different and you'll miss some friends back home but I promise...good days are ahead.  I promise we love you and we aren't gong to leave you.  I promise your sister loves you too and has been waiting so eagerly to welcome you into our family.  She may come on a  little strong at first but that's just because she has been stuck with us boring old people for her entire life and is ready for some pals.  She loves you.  She needs you as much as you need her.  My precious littles, do you know how many people here in Indiana love you and have prayed for you?  More than I ever thought possible.  They are our people.  Sweethearts, everything will be ok.  We'll get this little dance figured out.

Love you forever,

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