Saturday, April 11, 2015

In which community is essential...

You guys.  I have come to this post and tried to write these words no less than five times in the last week and each time I sit and stare at the computer screen because there's just so much gratitude jam packed into my heart that I just don't know where to start.  And quite frankly if I had finished it the first time I sat down I would have missed sharing more things, because that's what's happening.  More things.  More pressing in.  More showing up.  More meaningful moments.  THIS is the stuff of life, truly it is and we have felt IT.  We have been shown IT.  We are so incredibly humbled by IT.  Love shown in many different ways is just the most beautiful thing to be a part of.
The thing is, Tyler and I?  We are really bad at asking for help.  I don't think this makes us cool.  I think it makes us lame and we've certainly learned our lesson because we have these really great intuitive friends and family who just show up and offer to set up work days to get stuff done and prepare for these kids.  They organize, talk me off room design ledges, paint every single room in our entire house, text me photos of things they find in stores, paint furniture in the dead of winter, don't make me feel badly about monopolizing conversations, refuse repayment,  bring us meals, watch Emery for dates and the list seriously goes on and on and on.  I'm sitting here at my computer and I'm just so overwhelmed and so very thankful.
Almost a year ago Tyler and I "stumbled upon" four siblings available for adoption that were posted on a website called  Almost a year ago we looked at each other and said, "lets go for it".  We've prayed and sought advice from close friends and family and we were led down this path and now in five sleeps we will welcome home the Fantastic Four.  You guys these kids?  They are the raddest kids I've ever met.  They are the most resilient kids I've ever met.  My two favorite worlds, my community and my future children will meet this week and I'm so excited about them getting to know each other because of they both have so much to offer.

Pressing in.  Showing up.  Meaningful moments.  It's go time.

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