Monday, October 27, 2014

In which we bring the fantastic four home...

So yeah, there's this little happening...or should I say four little happenings that are taking up an immense amount of brain space for us these days!  At the end of August we were officially selected as the "adoptive resource" for a sibling group of four children living in Missouri in separate foster homes.  These sweet little lambs have been living apart from each other for two years now and well, it's time to get them (and us) all under ONE roof!  We've had some pretty decent bumps in the road and definitely some moments of feeling overwhelmed but you know what?  Ain't no thang.  Sure it's terrifying sometimes but it's necessary.  We have ALWAYS felt the pull on our hearts to build our family in this way and we must step out in faith knowing He will provide us the strength to show His grace to these broken little hearts and meet them where they're at even in the darkest of places.  God has well equipped us with the wherewithal and the support from people around us to bring these four home which brings me to our fundraising campaign using GoFundMe.  GoFundMe allows people to create a campaign, set a fundraising goal and share with family and friends!  So what does this mean for us financially as a family?  It means we have to ready our home to accommodate four additional children and go from a family of three to a family of SEVEN.  This includes various home projects, like purchasing furniture, bedding and extras such as bikes, clothing and toys, gas and hotel costs for several trips out to Missouri.  A "typical" family of five children grows into these kinds of needs and can make these adjustments along the way.  These dear hearts will more than likely come to us with a little bit of clothing and maybe a few favorite toys but beyond that no a whole lot.  It's important to us that they feel special and cared for on their very first visit to our home.  We're asking others to stand in the gap for these children by providing funding for the things listed above.  One of the most beautiful things about adoption is seeing the body of Christ come together and help provide a safe and loving home environment for these children who have come from a pretty horrible family situation.  We truly want to thank those that have already given in some capacity whether it be monetary, or by praying, or even donating items to our garage sale.  We can't wait for this story to unfold and for these four to come him to a community who already loves them!

Here's the link for our fundraising campaign!  Will you help spread the word using social media?  We'd love to knock this out of the park!!!!

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