Monday, May 5, 2014

In which sometimes I struggle...

Sometimes I struggle with whether or not I'm doing enough for the cause of orphans.  Sometimes I wonder if domestic adoption is gritty enough, and down in the trenches enough.  Sometimes I struggle with fundraising and that big big number.  Sometimes I struggle with those children who are in foster care and in need of good homes, the struggle being "is this something we can do?"  I struggle with wanting to adopt a child with special needs and having a spouse who is not ready to do that.  The tension between exploring other options that are placed in our path but not abandoning what we originally set out to do.  Then I realize very quickly, my Father knows my struggle.  In fact He may be the very person who has given me these things to struggle through.  So here's to the struggle, the balance between faith and trust and the unknown.

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