Saturday, March 22, 2014

In which Operation Sweet Lamb is in beast mode....

Tyler and I love adoption, this is no secret.  We love to talk about it, dream about it, help others through the process of it, we just seriously love it.  In the last few weeks we have prayerfully considered which avenues to explore when it comes to fundraising as well as personally saving our own money towards the total that we need to raise.  In the last five weeks we have seen God move in unbelievable ways, undeniably His ways which is so exciting for us!  We have said from the beginning of this journey that He chose this for us, there is no doubt and we are most excited to meet this new little guy or girl however there is a major financial boundary.  Even though we've covered costs out of our own pockets initially for some things (i.e. fingerprinting, background checks, copies of certain records, physical exams) the remaining that we need to raise is still great.  Tyler and I have a friend who raised money for their adoption a few years ago leveraging social media and their friends and family who felt called gave their little hearts out and they were able to cover almost their entire $10,000.  The best part?  In 2012 they brought home the most adorable little girl ever!  Because they asked and because they believed and because their friends and family felt the pull to give!  Both Tyler and I agree that one of our favorite things about Emery's process was after we brought her home we invited those who gave time, money, stuff for garage sales, and prayer and sat them all in a room.  We looked around and were so overwhelmed to be holding her in arms and to be able to personally thank face to face some of those who were faithful to our process during that time.  Do you even know how amazing that feels?
So at the risk of not being too wordy and sappy :0) here's what we've prayed for....if every single one of our Facebook friends gave $45 towards our adoption we would have our full amount of $30,000 raised.  Now, we completely understand that some are in a position to give more and some are in a position to give less but we know that God will work in the hearts of those who are to give and that is what makes this process so amazing!
Lets break it down:

1.  Click here to be redirected to our PayPal page.  PayPal does NOT require you to have an account already set up to do this. *Donations are a private gift and are not tax deductible*

2.  If the best way for you to give is not through using a credit or debit card then you can send your donation to:
Tyler & Kari Zielasko
205 14th Street
Winona Lake, IN 46590
memo line: zielasko adoption

What we covet more than anything though?  Prayer.  We simply cannot do this process without people praying for us and we certainly don't want you to think that if you're unable to give financially that there isn't a place for you in our process.  We will need hands and hearts to be united in other fundraising ventures where items and time are donated as well!  We are so excited to have you along for this journey!

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