Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In which I protect baby mama's...

So the first time around (oh my that sounds so sophisticated, like we have it all figured out..PSYCH), it was a little surreal to pray for a baby in a strange woman's belly.  We didn't have anything to compare our experience to, we didn't know what parenthood was like or the challenges it would create especially within the confines of adoption.  But I'll tell you what is turbo cool.  When you're in bed at night praying with your husband and he begins to pray for your future baby mama.  I'll tell you right now it melts my heart into a puddle of nonsense and I just don't want him to stop.  My love for birth moms is something I never shy away from discussing, in fact I talked my hairdressers ear off about baby mama's the other day until she was crying so that should tell you something.  She didn't give me a discount on my hair though, which I mean come on you can't cut me a break?  I digress...I love those baby mamas so very much.  I love their willpower, I love their fear and determination, I love their pioneering spirit.  I do not, however, love the stereotypes these women encounter, the judgement of why they can't just get their act together, the expectation that she'll do "this" again, the attitude that all their stories are the same and will always be the same.  Don't even get me started on that or I will lose my brains (and blog followers).  
So when I say that I pray for Em's baby mama and for this new little nuggets baby mama I'm praying for peace, and direction, and for love to be shown to this woman whether I think she "deserves" it or not.  I'm praying that her broken heart will heal over time, and that God would place someone in her path to help pave the way to a relationship with Christ that will change the way she thinks about love and fulfillment and family and acceptance because you see adoption isn't just about the baby at the end of the rainbow, it's about HER too and how SHE'S a part of this journey as much as we are and HER ending means SHE'S leaving the hospital without HER very own child in HER arms because that's what SHE chose.  And that's what SHE will have to live with.  So it's MY job as baby mama #2 to make sure that SHE knows SHE'S my hero, and that SHE is shown the love of a God who chose her for His family as much as SHE chose me for HERS.

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