Monday, March 10, 2014

In which I answer some questions and share a story...

I've had several people ask me recently how this process works.  Like what are the steps of which we're taking and specifically where are we in this process.  Currently we are working with an agency based out of Fort Wayne called Catholic Charities of Fort Wayne.  They are the actual agency who will be conducting our home study update however we will not be using them for actual adoption placement services.  Because we have an existing home study from our previous adoption we were fortunate enough to only have to pay the update fee instead of the entire home study fee (which saved us about $1,000).  Have I mentioned how expensive adoption is?  Anywho, the guts of what we had from Florida still works but that still means we had to redo a TON of the paperwork.  During this paperwork time we are answering questions about our childhood, getting physicals, making copies of drivers licenses, social security cards, health insurance, life insurance, asking people to be references, background checks, fingerprinting, employment verification, you name it.  We've done it.  We are almost finished with the paperwork portion which as of right now has taken about five weeks.  Once we mail all of our stuff (or drop it off) to CCFW they will check everything we have and make sure we still qualify for an adoptive placement based on what our paperwork says.  After this we will schedule a home study visit which means the social worker will come to our home and check us out.  Make sure we aren't hoarders with 29 cats, have smoke detectors and a place for the wee beeby to sleep.  After she does this she will actually "write" our home study, send us a proof, and upon our approval of it she will make it final.  You cannot adopt without a home study, at least in the state of Indiana you cannot.  We will use CCFW again when we need our interstate compact (if the baby is born outside of Indiana) and post placement visits.  I will explain that compact thing in a later post.  It's at this point we actual begin our relationship with Faithful Adoption Consultants, and adoption consultant agency based out of Atlanta.  They will give us access to all of the grants that we can apply for and also help us with our family profile book too.  The advantage of using an adoption is consultant is that they advocate for US when it comes to matching the families together.  They also have relationships with MANY agencies and lawyers so essentially we will be on several agency lists which means our actual wait for a baby would be very very minimal.  Like their average client waits four months or LESS.  I've seen on their Facebook page couples get matched within a day of becoming active.  Holy moley.  Also, after you've completed your home study you can apply for grants and such which our adoption consultant gives the names of some that she has had the biggest success with which helps me not waste time.  We will hit those grant apps hard and be fundraising all at the same time.  Once we've reached our goal of  $30,000 (GULP) fundraising we'll give Faithful Adoption Consultants the green light and they'll start presenting our file to birth moms.  WAHOOOOOO!  So when people say, "oh this is so exciting!  How soon will the baby be here?  What's the timeline?"  If we had $30K we'd probably have a baby in four months or less.  Without $30K we're at the mercy of savings and generous gifting which given our current status of super awesome surprises in regards to giving lately we're well on our way!  So that's sort of the ins and outs of the process.  I'll write more about post placement stuff at a later date, for now...enjoy this rad story of something cool that happened to us yesterday.  

We received an anonymous letter in the mail today and $100 towards our adoption fund.  Attached was this letter, of which I immediately put in a file to be added to our newest additions keepsake box.  Guys...can I even tell you what this does for me?  It does my heart so much good to know that there are people, some of whom I've never met that are praying for our process.  That is priceless.  The honest 100% truth is, had I received JUST this letter in the mail today and NO money...I still would have thought it was the coolest part of my day.  And I'm not just saying that because during this process everyone's support role is very different.  Some have the ability to give monetarily and others are the prayer warriors who help see this through, then there are the ones donate or volunteer time instead of funds.  Those friends are just as important and play as much of an active role as friends and family who send us money.  Honest.  In the last couple of weeks we have seen God's faithfulness to us without question!  Surprises like this aren't surprises to the One who stirred up this desire within Tyler and myself to parent adopted children...He funds what He favors.  I'm seeing that firsthand and it's quite possible the coolest thing ever.

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