Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In which God provides (three times) before I even asked...

Oddly enough, except it's not odd at all, my last post spoke to my true feelings regarding adoption fundraising and how it really highlights my insecurities about "asking people to help buy my baby".  Thursday night after revisiting some initial home study paperwork I found myself feeling very discouraged.  I discovered that our home study agency was requiring us to take four online classes at around $30-$35 a pop as a part of completing the home study.  They gave us a specific list of the four classes ALL of which are geared more towards first time parents, first time adoptive parents and parents who will be new to parenting an African American child.  To say I was annoyed would be a lot of an understatement.  WHY?!  I thought.  Why is this necessary, this is a financial obstacle that in my mind is completely unnecessary for a second time adoptive family and only further delays the process.  After I ranted for about ten minutes I decided it was best that I go to sleep and try and begin the day feeling less discouraged and more in tune to the fact that God has a desire for us to adopt again and He's going to do a mighty work in people's hearts when it comes to giving.  Friday morning I decided to send a text out to a couple of close friends and Tyler.  Just asking for prayer in regards to my attitude that day and just the frustration that I was feeling.  On my drive to work I cried out during my prayer time and asked for God to just be NEAR me that day.  I was desperate to feel His peace and comfort to get me through the day and over this hump.  That evening I was driving to Michigan to spend the weekend with my inlaws and received a call from a friend of mine who is in the midst of fostering a little one.  We generally exchange prayer requests and random texts just letting each other know that we get it.  That sometimes it sucks but that we were chosen for this and in the end it'll all be worth it. In the course of the phone call we touched on my day as it were, and she said to me.  "Kari, last night before bed I was praying about what to do with some extra money God had blessed our family with.  We'd like to cover the cost of your entire adoption consultant fee."  I can't make this up.  In case you're wondering?  That fee is...was $2500.  Since we have started this process (30 days ago) we have had more money donated than we did in NINE months with Emery which brings me to this next thought.  Who is this baby God has for us right now that He's moving so fast?  You see with Emery's process which to us seemed to move more slowly, we now know that it moved at the perfect pace because it had to be Emery and no one else.  But this new little one?  Perhaps they're living in the womb of someone who is already in their third trimester.  Or maybe there's a different path unknown to us and they're actually already born!  This is what I know.  God funds what He favors and He has proven this to us multiple times in the last 30 days and He will continue for the next several months if need be!
So what's the time line you ask?  Well, right now we're in the throws of paperwork for our home study.  We have fingerprinting appointments set up for next Monday (3/10), and subsequent doctors appointments for required physicals.  Once all paperwork is completed and turned in to our home study agency they will meld everything together and actually write our "new" one.  Sprinkle in at least one home visit and we're looking at completion of this in probably 60 days.  During this time we will begin to formulate some hard core fundraising efforts because we'll need to raise about $30,000 (give or take)!  Am I scared of that number?  30 days ago the answer would have been yes but now the answer is most certainly, no.  In the wise words of my husband, "We felt God moving us in this direction, so He is going to provide.  Even if someone donates, it's not them, it's God prompting them and moving them to give.  We're not asking anything.  We're providing a way for God to work through someone else."  Man I love that guy and his wisdom and insight.
And the other two times He provided before we asked?  Once I was sitting in a movie theater and someone who saw that I had "checked in" there on Facebook hand delivered a check for $500 to me while I was sitting in the movie theater, and the third time?  Well that was just your "average" we-want-to-give-you-money-for-your-adoption, check in the mail type situation.  God is so good.

Here are a few ways you can help us during this process!
1.  PRAY!  We cannot do this without people praying for us, it's just that simple.  Pray for our fundraising efforts and especially pray for the birth mom that God would soothe her heart during this time of growing a baby and placing the baby in our arms.
2.  Donate via Paypal
3.  Check us out over at Just Love Coffee Roasters and for every bag of coffee purchased $5 goes towards our adoption fundraising goal!

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  1. Not that you have time to spare for such luxuries as reading, but your post resonated with me so deeply because of the book James and I are reading: http://manybooks.net/titles/mullerg2728827288-8.html

    It's a free download. Life of Trust, prayer journal of George Muller. God has strengthened our faith incredibly through his testimony! Thankful for His extravagant goodness to your family in this whirlwind, Kar

    1. Awwww thanks for sharing that with me Sarah! I will definitely check it out. This journey is such that in the times where He's seeming quiet I will be able to look back on this large victories for fuel to get me through. Heading over to that website to check this book out NOW! =)