Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two and a half years ago...

Two and a half years ago the door closed on what we once thought was going to be a lifetime commitment to something huge in Central Florida. Two and a half years ago God said to my husband, "not now Tyler". Two and a half years ago we said goodbye to our friends, our family, our home and our ministry to move to Indiana and transition into what we thought would be another ministry opportunity, of course unknown at the time, but something we legitimately thought would happen. Two and a half years ago when Tyler said to me, "Kari the church has to close and I have to find a new job" I said to him, "I'm not worried about that, you'll find something before the summer is over." Two and a half years ago God had other plans. He had plans to break us. Teach us. Mold us. Move us. Shake us. He had plans for us but not for the Kari and Tyler two years ago, He had plans for the Kari and Tyler that are right now. As it turns out it took two years for Him to do a work in our marriage and in us as individuals before His plan was put into action. You see, around Christmas time we made a very hard decision to leave our current church in Goshen to church shop here in town. Goshen was just too far, we were unable to commit to things during the week because our work schedules and the 40 minute drive was just too much and it was just too far to build community in a community of which we didn't belong. We stepped out in true faith and what we found a mere four minutes from where we live is nothing short of amazing. A church whose vision is one we believe in and support 100%, whose people love Jesus and serve our community, whose chairs are filled with broken individuals that are searching for acceptance in Christ without feeling rejected by his followers, whose leadership is strong and focused. We found our place at Mission Point. We have never felt more at home in any church than we do right here and right now. But here's the best part ya'll... Two and a half years later? Our pastor sat in our home, in our living room with a potential job offer for Tyler. Director of Worship and Connections he said. Be creative and run with it he said. This potential opportunity was the furthest thing from our mind when we joined forces with Mission Point, not even a blip on our radar and to have it become a reality was utterly mind boggling. After he left we both just sat there in complete silence, soaking in all the goodness of the last two hours. It had finally happened. You see when we were going through this major transition over the last couple of years I kept telling myself (and sometimes out loud to Tyler), "when we're done with this, whatever THIS is, it will all make sense." That's what I told myself when we were going through the adoption process and so I decided to try it out on this one. I really did believe deep down in my heart that this would happen again. I believe that when God places within you the deepest desire to do something He will honor that. I've experienced firsthand what that's like and to follow it to completion but this time? This crap was hard. Here is what I do know. I know that we have never felt more at home and more connected in any church than at Mission Point. We have never identified with the vision of a church more than we have now. I have never been more in tune with what it means to be patient and wait. To hold on during those low lows because you know what, "are not two sparrows sold for a penny ? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29-31. I had a sparrow tattoo done four years ago based on this very Bible verse. Who knew that it would carry much more significance than I ever thought possible. So now what? After Labor Day my very dearest friend will begin the journey yet again, although I'm certain with a much different ending. To the current leadership at Mission Point, thank you for believing in him and trusting him with a very important element of ministry. Thank you for recognizing what I've always known to be true. An undeniable God given ability and immense passion.

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