Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starving for the Basics Pt. 2...

I realize the "basics" is a pretty relative concept. Tyler and I are sorta weird so I think our "basics" aren't what most people would refer to as "normal". We move a lot and we appear to do things at the last minute. We like the idea of a lot of kids from all different parts of the world making up what we know as our "basic" family. I'm starving for adoption again. Literally famished. This last year it wasn't an option given our current living situation but my friends that has changed in this last month. God has blessed us with this larger home with a lot of room for growth, and I can imagine our family filling it to the brim. I'm starving for the paperwork, the rejection, the wins, the wait, the first photo or email with our prospective child, THE phone call, the belief that there is a child(ren) out there who belong to us that we haven't even met yet. The adventure of the unknown, perhaps a new country and new friends along the way who shared in that experience with us. I'm excited to see us parent more than one child and I'm unbelievably thrilled at the thought of seeing Tyler pour more of himself into making our family great. The sounds of chaos, the mess. None of it frightens me. When it all comes down to it that's what matters. For us TZ's.

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  1. I picture your home brimming with children also. You two will be the finest parents any gang could ever have! Keep up the good work.