Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here is what I know...

I know that we were meant to endure this last year for a reason. I know that some of those reasons are evident and some have yet to make their way to the surface. I know that it flew by. I know that it sucked sometimes. I know that I missed my family, my friends and my job. I know that God seriously kicked me in the butt with some pride and materialsim issues. But you want to know what I know most? I know that I have, hands down, the most amazing mother in law and father in law. They offered up their home, their privacy and some of their finances to provide us with a temporary home for the last year. I remember a couple of months in to our new living situation I kept thinking to myself...this is going really well! We maintained open communication with them and seriously all worked together as a team. Alternating cooking and dishes with normal household chores, it just plain worked! The great thing about Jim and Terri is that they ALWAYS, and I seriously mean ALWAYS show up. Whether it's to help fix a clogged drain, plan a party, help move...they simply always free themselves up to make sure they are being utilized. The friends in their life are lucky to have them, and I know that Tyler, myself and Emery in this last year were extremely lucky to have them. Oh sure there were times where we were over it and probably many times where Terri was annoyed with our clutter but we made due and didn't kill each other...I call that a WIN! If I'm being quite truthful, I'll miss them. I'll miss cooking fun dinners for Jim and I while the picky eaters were gone for the night, hearing him in the other room get his coffee ready for the morning and my intense dislike for Bill O'Reilly. I'll miss the weird things like being able to leave them little notes in the morning with treats I made for them the night before or watching M*A*S*H reruns and also mine and Terri's chats about home decorating and deserts. I'll miss them being able to say goodnight to Emery every evening and watching her grow up. You should have a Jim and Terri in your life, I'm lucky to have mine.

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  1. What a sweet shout out, Kari! I'm sure they agree that they are also lucky to have YOU!!