Friday, June 22, 2012

Clean up on aisle emotional breakdown...

I had a breakdown tonight. The kind of breakdown that leaves Tyler wondering, "What in the name of Sam Hill?!". My girl is getting so scary big. The kind of big where I just miss her baby-ness. I miss the chub, the drool, the baby noises and it's not that I'm even just in love with the "baby" stage because if I'm being honest that's not my favorite stage. It's just that it means time is moving fast, and I hate it. I'm at the point in her life where I can actually look back on a significant amount of time and recall what life was like with her as a very different child. She's two now. She's so much more interactive and fun. I love it. I hate it. I am so lucky right now to be able to spend every day with her and I know that soon enough I'll have a job again and those days will be a distant memory so I'm literally trying to cherish each moment. Some days more than others. Ahhhh this nasty time marching on, changes things and sometimes and somedays I just plain don't like it.

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