Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blanky and "Ass"...

You read it correctly. My little lovey has seriously exploded in the last couple weeks when it comes to her vocabulary. I must say I'm very proud of her and if I'm being totally honest proud of me and Tyler too! All of the book reading, not talking to her like a baby, using real words and just ongoing dialogue is really paying off! I'll start with the "ass" explanation. From the beginning of her life with us she has taken a pacifier and fallen in love with her blanket. You should know that I always wanted a child that had some sort of attachment to either a blanket or a stuffed animal because I'm weird like that. No other reason. Anywho, we call her blanket "blanky" and her pacifier, "pass". The name just sort of created itself really. We had tossed around calling it "passy", "buddy", "binky", "yum-yum" and other completely ridiculous words that neither of us could stomach. So oddly enough we unknowingly settled on "Pass". Short for "pacifier". Well my little genius can't make the "P" sound yet. Nope, not at all. So it's just "ass". Which is completely inappropriate and consequently HILARIOUS! She is obviously not using it in a derogatory way and we always correct her and say "Puh puh PASS". She'll get it eventually but for now we have a 21 month old that knows profanity. And now the rest of this paragraph is more for me than anything, I'd like to remember the other little things she's doing and you are the lucky (or unlucky however you choose to view it) recipients of this stream of consciousness. She knows certain parts of her favorite books and will finish the sentences if I remember to stop and let her. Currently "Where the Wild Things Are" and every single "How Do Dinosaurs" series are her absolute favorite. She asks for hugs and keeping in time with not being able to make a "P" sound she also can't make an "H" sound as in (huh) so it comes out more like "UG! UG!" with her arms stretched out ready for some love. This has to be one of my new favorite things for my otherwise non-cuddly toddler. She makes the sounds of pigs, dogs, cats, snakes, cows, monkey, lion, duck, sheep/goats, and the faces for bunny and fish. She can count to five, as long as I start off with saying one. He he. She tells me "bless you" when I sneeze or when anyone sneezes for that matter, "excuse me" when she burps, and is a master at please, thank you and more. A couple of weeks ago I asked her to do something and I could have swore on my favorite mascara that she said "I don't want to". No way, I thought to myself. How on earth could she have learned that? Nope. Didn't say it. For sure. Until she said it again in front of my sister. Nah, another fluke. It had to be. Until she said it front of Tyler when we were skyping. So that's interesting. An entire sassy, independent phrase and I honestly have no earthly idea how she learned it. I mean I'm sassy and all but I'm just being honest here...she did NOT learn it from ME! She loves to pray before meals and at bed time (Lord knows we need that with her new potty mouth she has developed) She'll finish with a good old fashioned "AAAAAMEN!". Also lovey will literally repeat anything you tell her to, sometimes it sounds like the word and other times it's just a valiant effort. She's so much more interactive and silly and I honestly can say so far this is my absolutely favorite age. I can see her making sense of things, wanting to know how they work and the process of how they got there. It's like all of this repetitive teaching we've done over the last year has finally started to produce this little communicating human. I love it. She has major stranger danger tendencies and I'm telling you sometimes it's embarrassing. People come up and chat with me about how cute she is or how much they love her hair and they'll touch her arm or hand and she'll scream "NO!!!!!" like they straight up teach you to do in elementary school with strangers. "Oh, I'm sorry. She's just hungry right now so she's a little edgy". Lie. But I can't help it! The truth is, she wants you to step off and not touch her. Then there are others that she seriously loves and sometimes it just doesn't make sense but that's cool. Most of her behavior or tendencies don't make sense so at least she's consistently confusing. =) Overall she's wicked awesome and pretty much my favorite person in the entire world. We've been in a weird transition the last few weeks. My old salon/day spa job came a calling and needed some help with training two new desk people so I obliged. And with obliging came a 900 mile separation from Tyler for Emery and me. We bridge the gap as best we can, a few skype phone calls a week and visits home when the flights are cheap. It's only temporary and I should return back to the Hoosier state in approximately 6-8 weeks. So I'm a single mom. Which by the way is completely for the birds and makes me admire women who have no choice but to do it on their own. I have an insanely huge amount of help between my mom, and two sisters we make it work but at the end of the day, I am mama. The be all end all of discipline which sometimes I hate.
We're finishing up a nice extended weekend here in Warsaw, where she was able to fill her daddy tank up and to see their interactions are just pure heaven. They compliment each other well and boy oh boy do they love each other. We've stayed in our jammies until it was completely inappropriate, and really relished in the wonder of no schedule. Tyler was able to take time off of work which I know he needed desperately so we had an awesome time together. Tomorrow morning we fly back to Florida and back into the groove of things.
Our time apart provides amazing perspective. Amazing thankfulness to the Creator of my little family.


  1. I love it. All of it. :) And by the way, in my humble opinion, each stage gets more and more fun. I remember thinking that I definitely didn't think I would love and appreciate 6 as much as I did 3, b/c 3 is just so fun, but I love Jon at 6 even more...the way God gives us that growing love for our little ones is just amazing. Especially b/c I don't love all 6 year olds--mostly just mine! ;) Also, tell Tyler I think it's his fault that Emery swears b/c he used to swear so much at Alpha desk. :)So glad you guys could have a long weekend together!!

  2. I will most certainly place all of the blame on Tyler! Such a great idea! *wink wink*.