Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maurice Sendak and the weirdness of motherhood...

I'm all about full circle moments...the kind that give you major dejavu but also allow you to be truly thankful for what you've been given. You should know I love to read, it's so stress relieving and stimulating and exciting and million other fantastic adjectives. I'll go through phases where I'll bust through like five books in six weeks and then I'll read nothing for months yet every time I return to my good friend, literature, I am amazed I waited that long to return "home". I'm also a huge advocate of reading to your kids. The benefits are endless! Many many years ago, I started to pick up children's books here and there. Garage sales, Amazon, Scholastic book fairs and I because of that I built up quite the collection. When Emery was a baby I was so excited to read to her and get into a routine of reading as well...we started with Goodnight Moon when she was probably five months old. It did my heart good to engage her in that way. Now we're in the stage where she loves to be read to so much that we literally spend EASILY an hour a day reading books...and I can't think of an hour better spent than curling up with her and watching her mind exploring. She's so smart and perceptive and so very funny. When I first became a mom I remember having these expectations (incredibly unrealistic expectations if I say so myself) of what it would be like to finally be a mom. Would I immediately "feel" a change? Would I stop laughing at farts, seeing people fall down stairs or my personal favorite...tripping? The answer is, no. No I didn't feel the change right away and to this very day seeing someone trip makes me laugh uncontrollably! It wasn't necessarily a personality change, but more or less a purpose change. My purpose became something entirely more worth while than before. I'm responsible for her well being, her education, her social interaction her entire future really, and you know what I'm finally at the point where I'm not paralyzed with fear because of it. God has blessed us with such an amazing little life. So this evening as I read her my favorite book in all the land of favorite books I drank it in a little bit longer. Her smell, her curiosity, her intelligence...she roared her terrible roar, gnashed her terrible teeth, rolled her terrible eyes and showed her terrible claws. I can't get enough I tell ya, she's my absolute favorite.

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