Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She makes up for it in other ways...

Currently my child is 16 months old. Currently my child who is 16 months old does NOT walk every day, in fact she walks every few days and only if we encourage it. This kind of bothers me because I come from a family jam packed with early walkers and darn it shouldn't she be doing this full time now?! The truth is she is so stubborn and just won't commit. The pushy mama in me wants to make an issue out of this and then the laid back mama kicks it into high gear and shuts the other one up. She'll walk when she's ready, and it doesn't appear that there are any physical issues preventing this so I should just relish in the fact that I don't have super mobile toddler who is falling into coffee tables and bruising her face (although I probably wouldn't be able to see it anyway). Recently she has blossomed into a full blown genius. I mean we've always known her to be very smart with certain things but in the last few weeks she really has become quite the show off and sometimes Tyler and I look at each other and say..."Is it normal that she knows how to do that?". She can meow like a cat and point out all kitties in every book we read as well as identify her ears, nose, eyes, teeth, mouth, and hair. She attempts to brush her own hair (and mine too), and tries to spray her detangler on also. Randomly I'll ask her to point something out to me thinking it's an impossible task and homegirl totally shows me up! Her personality has become so fun, we have more time to actually spend together and engage in activities instead of me just chasing her around. We laugh together ALL THE TIME! She's silly with me and we find each other just having a case of the giggles because we're cracking each other up. Don't get me wrong we have plenty of bad moments sprinkled in there and recently have had a few decent hand slaps that have resulted in literally ten full minutes of crying and writhing around on the floor in total devastation. But those are soon forgotten when she's sitting with me in bed, freshly bathed and jammied reading Goodnight Moon. I love being a mom. I love seeing my hard work pay off sometimes. I love seeing her growing connection with Tyler and realizing how important that relationship will be for them in the future. Engaging is what she is and of course, pure magic.

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