Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Similarities = Comfort

On the tail end of my last post where I semi-discussed things like roots and such I forgot that I had already started and not published this blog post.
In the strange land of adoption there are many things I find kind of hilarious. Even though I didn't birth her myself, homegirl is A LOT like her mama. She eats so slow, which if you've ever had a meal with me you realize I am the same way. My whole life, a slow eater. Last one at the table, every single time. She straight up takes a good 45 minutes to eat a PBJ and some blueberries, while her cousin Jackson who is two weeks older than her annihilates his food before his parents can even sit down and eat theirs. She chats. Takes a bite. Takes a drink. Takes a bite. Plays with the dogs. Takes a drink. Takes a bite. I mean it's pretty hilarious...SOLIDARITY SISTA! She's also wicked stubborn and kind of sassy...which she gets from Tyler. HA! For real, we are so much alike that if she weren't a completely different color than me she could totally pass off as my actual biological child. I love it. I love that God had a sense of humor and totally gave me a taste of my own medicine, however I do feel sorry for Tyler. =)

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