Sunday, September 25, 2011


This week sneaked right up on me. I kept thinking to myself that when it finally arrived I'd have some elaborate plan in motion for a celebration, but alas limited funds and time will prevent me from doing so. I'm all about the remembering. The nostalgia, it's probably one of my favorite things. Seeing forward motion and progress is inspiring! This week begins Emery's "birth story". It's sorta strange for me to call it that because if there's one thing I don't know at all about my little love it is in fact, the story of her actual birth. I wasn't present for that. Her story is amazing, you can find it here. It wasn't until just now that I found myself revisiting the events of that week leading up to when she became ours. Boy was I emotional, just revisiting my thoughts that week in regards to her and the fact that she was a perfect stranger to me then was so weird. I didn't know her, but I loved her. I didn't know I needed her as much I know I need her now. She has filled a special little compartment in my heart that was made for my first born. For her only. As I reread this post my heart ached because I remember the uncertainty and the pain I was feeling that day. Hoping and praying so hard for this thing to work out and just not believing that it would. Then I read this one and was reminded about a few select friends and family whom we told during that week in order to envelope this entire scenario in prayer. I am still to this day so very thankful for them. But mostly, I'm thankful to my Savior. He promises good things to those who wait, and while we endured little mini heartbreaks here and there he always knew that our life was meant to be shared with Emery. He always knew that she'd fit perfectly and change our lives for the better every single day. I have much love for this land of adoption. I have much respect for people who choose this path. And as always I have the utmost gratitude for a teenage girl who recognized a deficiency in herself being unable to properly care for her own child and then place her in our arms.

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