Friday, September 30, 2011

The most fabulous Friday of my life...Part One

Ok so technically the actual date was October 1st BUT it happened on a Friday so I'll be pretending like it was today for the sake of a realistic timeline. On this morning I remember waking up and getting ready for work...while I was in the bathroom Tyler was skyping with his brother in the other room. I remember him explaining that we should find out whether the birth mom chose us around 2ish and then that means we would have woken up without a baby in our room and would be going to bed that night WITH a baby in our room. I remember wishing he wouldn't have said that. It was too optimistic and made for one more "clean up" conversation if we ended up without her at the end of the day. I remember reliving the pain of our almost baby and not wanting to deal with such a loss again. I was thankful to be going to work so I'd be distracted by my Friday's which were ALWAYS chaotic. I honestly can't even remember what I said to Tyler when I left other than "Text me if it's no, CALL me if it's a yes". I had told our social worker to call him instead out of fear that I'd miss her call. We had only told a handful of close friends and family about this possibility and only one person at work knew this was even happening. I can't even believe I got through the day. People probably thought I was wacko because I was so distracted and nervous. Around 1:45 my sister, Kelly, started texting me. I had to put an end to this because every time my phone lit up I was certain it was Tyler with a "no" text! Basically..."I LOVE YOU BUT STOP TEXTING ME IMMEDIATELY!". Then, at 2:05 the phone at work rang. Which you should know is not strange given the fact that it's a salon and day spa and our patrons generally phone in their hair requests. I picked it up and saw Tyler's number on the caller id...almost instantly I geared up with an angry tirade of "I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME IF IT WAS A YES NOT IF IT"S A NO!!!!!". Before I could say anything, he uttered the most fabulous words I've ever heard in my life. "Kari, she picked us...she totally picked us. We have to leave right NOW to pick her up!" All I remember saying is, "No way. No way. No way. Are you serious? No way. You're kidding me. Seriously? I can't leave yet, I have to tell my boss!" First, I needed some fresh air (aka, I needed privacy to emote). I walked outside and called Tyler back, and I just cried. I couldn't believe it. I honestly could not believe it. Because I still needed to talk to my boss(es) about this new development Tyler got to make all the fun phone calls to friends and family...honestly this is one thing I wish I had been a part of but I was not thinking clearly at that point in time. I'M A FREAKING MOM! I will have a baby in my arms in approximately 3ish hours. OH MY GOSH I'M GOING TO HAVE AN INFANT TO CARE FOR IN 4ISH HOURS! Sorry for so many "all caps" sentences but I feel it's the most effective way to demonstrate urgency. I cried with my coworkers and waved goodbye to them, headed home to pick up TZ and head to West Palm Beach to pick up our daughter. When I arrived home I found Tyler pacing around the living room, screaming things like "we have to pick a name for her, like now so Jan can start the paperwork before her doctors appt". We hugged and stared at each other in total disbelief that this was even happening. We had nothing set up. We were, by all intents and purposes completely unprepared. I rummaged around a few bags of clothing I had purchased for our potential foster kids and found a three month sleeper with polka dots on it. I didn't have bottles, formula, diapers, wipes nada. I jammed her pj's in my purse and just looked around our house for the magic "you just found out at the last minute you're bringing a baby home and need all the essentials" fairy but when she failed to appear Tyler fumbled around with the car seat before exclaiming "oh forget it, we can figure this crap out when we get there!" we hopped in the car snapped this last photo...
And headed to our girl. Jan was begging us to pick a name so she could start the paperwork and if you know me in depth you realize this was a problem. I'm a name freak. I have had names picked out a for a few years and I just love a good name. Hopefully nothing common and certainly nothing trendy. Well because I was travelling and all my name choices were on my computer at HOME I was at a lost...and resorted to calling my sister at work. We searched google and had a few that were in the mix before we settled on Emery. We liked Avery and I liked Emerson...twas a happy medium says I. And my middle name is Brooke and we thought that it fit perfectly...Emery Brooke. Once we were on the interstate after some nasty traffic in town, our phones rang non stop. Tyler blew past the turnpike (by 20 miles, distracted much eh?), and around 7:45 that evening we met her...for the first time. I was so nervous. I kept saying over and over again..."Hey pretty're so pretty. So very pretty." She slept the whole time we signed paperwork, and finally when all was said and done we changed her. Tried to feed her a bottle. Then packed her in the car to head home. For the very first time...the THREE of us.


  1. wow! Even though I know how this ends I was on the edge of my seat reading!! Will you post more?