Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There's something to be said for having a cause that you believe in. There's also no room to judge someone for their cause not being as important as the one you think is the most important. I've been thinking about this a lot lately because I don't understand how people will advocate for the treatment of animals when there are millions of orphans in the world who need water. Living, breathing humans that need water. Scratch that, CLEAN water. Something that you and I drink every single day without a care in the world, heck we even complain if our tap water is nasty and not filtered. Then there's human trafficking which is completely appalling and abortion and the list goes on and on. Not everyone's hearts are pulled in the same direction so if you wanna go on Whale Wars and stop those Japanese whalers then by all means, DO IT! I find myself getting so upset because while I'm aware of all of these things I can't fix every single one of them. I can't sponsor every child on Compassion Internationals website even thought legitimately if I was a millionaire I seriously would. A few months ago Tyler and I finally decided to put our money where our mouth is and we sponsored a fabulous little man named Rifaldo (5). He's from Indonesia and the most adorable little guy EVER! Without a doubt, a piece of my heart belongs to him. No joke. His parents are part time farmers (when there's work available) and the measly $38 a month we donate to him helps provide him with a Christian education and everything that comes with it. Thousands of miles away our new little man (and his fam) are learning about the love of Jesus and the kindness of strangers. He'll be ours for as long as he needs us and I honestly hope that one day we can meet each other. $38 is a freaking drop in the bucket, it's easily what we spend on eating out in probably two weeks. How about you? What could you cut out to allow yourself to be a sponsor? Think about it. Instead of feeling sorry and then going to sleep in your nice warm bed, with your fully stocked fridge check out Compassion International. They are legit. So for right here, right now my cause is this. I believe in it.


  1. Those people that go on about the poor treatment of animals get me, too. You took the words right out of my mouth about all the other needs of HUMANS. you said, it's more important that we step up and follow through with the causes that God has made us passionate about.

  2. I believe in it too. Joven will be ours for as long as he needs us.