Friday, June 17, 2011

It's nice to be reminded...

My blog posts have been few and far between these days, and not for lack of time but really more like lack of inspiration. I mean I can only blog about how fantastic my daughter is before people think I seriously have a problem! = ) We're in a new stage in our life. We're in a new state. New house that our inlaws have so graciously allowed us to impose on them. New jobs (well not me yet), some new friends etc. I find myself getting very lost in the day to day nonsense which leaves I mentioned before, very uninspired.
This evening I was enjoying a nice little browse on Facebook when a lovely friend of mine posted this link. I love talking about adoption. Any type or country whatever it is, I like it. It felt good to read something that was adoption related since we're kind of "out" of the adoption loop these days due to Emery's finalization and no monthly social worker visits. Anytime I sniff out any prospective adoptive parents or people interested I'm on it like white on rice, I must share what I know. I would have loved to have that in the beginning of our process. Towards the end I had quite a little group of mamas who answered my questions and I'm telling you that was INVALUABLE! So this article started me thinking. It started me thinking about how much I remembered those foster children I wanted to be a mama too. It started me thinking about orphans other countries who are homeless and hungry. It started me thinking that I'm not done yet. I never thought I was but when you're sort of out of the loop for a while you get comfortable and the need seems less because you're not in there like swimwear. I love adoption...I love fostering, I love when people are willing to go out on a limb and make change happen. I love the article because it really taps into the core issue which is that there aren't enough people willing to change these children's lives. There are plenty of people to complain about who shouldn't take them but yet none of those people are willing to step up. This is one of my hot button issues. I don't get involved in political debates EVER because it's only arguing and divisive, which is why I'm glad the article wasn't politically driven. It's fact driven. You can't argue those statistics. So on this night...where my little brown baby is fast asleep in her bed, with clean clothes and roof over her head I found it perfect time to be reminded of why we did this. Why we decided to follow our hearts towards this result.

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