Monday, May 2, 2011

My little love...

We have some pretty major things happening in our lives right now and some transitions that have been harder to deal but in the midst of it all I have one little girl that makes this life just a little bit sweeter. Here are some things that she is doing lately...
*She's full blown mobile now. Crawling everywhere and finding every last ounce of dog hair possible so she can sample the grossness for herself.
*She's sassy and stubborn, and there are times where Tyler and I look at each other and go..."oh my gosh, how do you deal with this at almost 11 months old?". She yells at us when we take something away from her, glances knowingly in my direction when she's about to put something in her mouth she shouldn't and then smiles when I say, uh uh.
*She LOVES music. Loves it. Loves when we sing to her, sits quietly in the back seat when it's playing in the car, stares directly at the TV when it comes on. It's truly amazing, and I can't wait to see what her musical talent will be.
*She's eating people food now. Scrambled eggs, turkey, chicken, green beans etc. She refuses her baby food when people food is anywhere near.
*She's flexible with her schedule. We can take her anywhere at any time and she's usually down for whatever which is nice because most times we're fly by the seat of our pants kind of people. case you're wondering. She's magic. Her smile, her laugh, her smell, her hugs and kisses...pure unadulterated magic. Sometimes I think it's so strange that last year we didn't know her, or even the possibility of her. God is good.

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