Saturday, April 9, 2011


There are few things in life that can have a greater impact on me than what I just experienced 48 hours ago. My little love is mine forever...her smile, her laugh, her stubbornness is all wrapped up in that teeny little body and it's final. The official documents have been signed, the last check has been written and we are officially a family.
The way God orchestrated this entire thing is nothing short of amazing and there are things that I learned this weekend from Christina (Emery's adoption worker) that point more and more towards God's provision for us during this process and I can't thank Him enough. He handpicked her for us, just as if she was grown in my belly and woven together with mine and Tyler's genes and I can't imagine our lives without her...she is perfection. I was sharing with a friend that I didn't realize how much I was depending on this day finally getting here. I mean I would think about it a lot, and wonder about the process etc. but in the days leading up to the actual DAY I found myself more emotional and more dependent on the finality of it all.
My heart is so full. Full of thanks to all of the individuals who both near and far donated time, money, and prayer for our little future family. Not out of obligation but out of love for us and out of love for our family. They will all hold a very special place in our hearts and in Emery's story for her entire life and it's truly something I'll never ever forget.
Today we slept in, had breakfast in bed, took her swimming for the first time...we treasured our moments together, took photos, exchanged knowing glances of how lucky we truly are and tonight we laid her down to sleep truly thankful for how blessed our life has become in these last six months.

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  1. I love reading your updates about your precious family and rejoice with you! She is so sweet! Congrats!!!