Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big day coming up...

Well it's here, finally. This Friday at 11:30 is the adoption hearing where every last "i" will be dotted and "t" will be crossed, I seriously can't wait! My parents, and sister Michelle are driving about three hours to get there and then we're staying overnight too, which will be so nice. I can't wait for Saturday, we'll go to the pool and just hang out together as a legally bound family. I agreed to having a visit with FM on Friday's what worked best for both of her workers and well, I really don't have a choice unless I want to make the three hour trek on a different day.
So, I'm excited to have this day finally arrive after six long months of waiting! Little girl is almost one year old at this point and I never would have imagined it taking this long however when I look at events in the last six months the timing couldn't have been more perfect.
I wonder if I'll cry...if I'll be so relieved that it's finally done I'll just let loose with pure unadulterated emotion that the judge might deem me unstable and change her mind! HAHAA! Probably not, but that would be funny.

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