Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who knew it would be 6 months...

For realz....when we brought her home on October 1st I never ever in a million years thought it would take six months for her finalization to actually take place. I had read three months, I had heard four months but six months was completely preposterous! Here we are six months later and we finally have our adoption hearing date of April 8th, six months and one week to the day we brought our spirited little girl home. There were some mix ups and annoying hold ups which prevented this from moving faster but this I know for sure...God's timing is always and has always been perfect for us. I am slowly learning not to question it...there have been too many instances in this process where I thought the timing sucked but it turns out it was perfect for us, and our story. The almost baby would have meant I never ever would get to see my sweet girls face every day, and I just can't imagine it.
Timing is an interesting thing, because it's so subjective. Schedules change, things pop up out of no where, life happens and timing is affected every single time. We're at an interesting stage in life right now, things have changed with Tyler's job and we are trusting in God's timing yet again. I want to push certain situations or opportunities, I want to control various aspects of this and I just need to step back...look at our past and trust that He knows what's best. So for now, I'm basking in the promise that is April 8th, where legally our wild woman will be just that...OURS. I can't wait.

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