Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Testicular Fortitude...

That is my polite way of saying...well, never mind. So, believe it or not in the beginning other than strange looks and longer than normal "glances" I never really had anyone say anything to me directly that wasn't completely warranted. People at work who knew me forever without a child and then all of a sudden I'm on "maternity" leave and have a four month old asked the obvious questions but nothing super nosey. Two Saturdays ago we were out to breakfast and I had a gentleman stop at the table..."Oh my she is so cute."...Me: "Thanks!"...Guy: "Is she adopted?" Me: "Yes"...Guy: "Where is she from? Haiti?". Me: "Nope, she's local...born in West Palm Beach". Guy: "Well it's really a great thing that you did, there are plenty of kids that need good homes, that's a really great thing that you did". Me: "Well thanks". This particular interaction was definitely not offensive, it's normal curiosity really I just would never EVER ask a perfect stranger those questions. That same day I had another lady say something very similar, two times in one day! That's never happened before. One time my sister had Emery with her in Joann's Fabric and a little old lady teetered up and peered in the car carrier exclaiming..."This baby doesn't belong to you!". Nice. Today I was at Babies 'R Us stocking up on things I really don't need and as I was checking out the cashier was oooogling and goooogling with Emery and asked..."Is this your baby?", to which I replied "Yep!". As I was walking to the car I thought to myself, I know this will always be something I have to deal with, I take that back because "dealing" gives a negative spin on it and that's not what I want, it'll always be something I have to respond to. Whether I like it or not.
I will say this. Next time you think to yourself, perhaps I should ask this lady if this is her child, maybe you should just take one for the team and zip it. Zip that testicular fortitude right up, and instead focus on the beauty that is a blended family, and why it's not important at all whether you know if I'm the mother or not.

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