Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I learned from the first visit...

So, its taken me a while to piece together all the things I learned from the first visit...a little over two months to be exact. Here are some things I've learned and will change the next time we meet.
1. Emery is my child. Which means when she cries either myself or Tyler will be the one to step in and pick her up to soothe her. During the first visit I tried too hard to be nice and accommodating instead of smart and take charge. FM is in fact just that. Her first mom, and until Emery is old enough to grasp that understanding it's so important that my little girl understand her comfort comes from us.
2. These visits are going to become increasingly more difficult for FM. Emery will not really understand why we are going to visit this lady all the time. Until her brain can truly understand the basics of the situation she'll probably be a little wary for a while, which will then probably be hard for FM.
3. We're dealing with a teenager. FM is only 14, she herself probably doesn't grasp the gravity of the situation so we need to be a lot forgiving when it comes to maybe some things that she says or does.

It's not a lot that I learned or necessarily anything too earth shattering just things that I never in a million years ever thought I would think.

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