Friday, January 28, 2011

She just needed her mama...hey that's ME!

Poor little gal has been teething for the last few weeks but these last few days those darn teeth really seemed to kick things up a notch and she has been MISERABLE. Not the kind of miserable where her mood is drastically altered but the kind where she doesn't want to eat normally, she randomly cries, she can't hardly breathe out of her nose, her eyes are glassy, and she is just sad. One fabulous thing about my little sidekick is that it takes a lot to affect her mood, even through all this she is still all smiles! I love her.
Today I left work early to pick her up and on the way I was thinking to myself...she seemed fine with me yesterday. I mean she was a little off but overall we had a pretty good day. Then I got to thinking...when I was little (ok probably until I was like 25) every time I became sick I just wanted my mom. It didn't matter if she was in the next room, it didn't matter if she was paying attention to me, it just mattered that she was there, a second away in case I needed her. Then it dawned on me...Emery just wanted her mama and that's ME! In the hustle and bustle, who am I kidding the complete WHIRLWIND that was October, November & December I sometimes forget that I'm a new mom. Brand spanking new and these strange revelations, be them as strange as they sound, aren't as obvious to me until I'm faced with an experience like this. It felt it felt AMAZING to know that I was the only face she wanted to see this afternoon, the only arms she wanted to be in, the only snuggler she wanted to snuggle with. She just wanted me.

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