Saturday, January 1, 2011

I must admit...

I always wanted a son first. (Hear me out though, this isn't a complain post) I think part of the reason is that I was always very envious of the whole "big brother protector" deal that some of my friends had and because I never knew that dynamic, I always thought it was better...therefore, I wanted it. Also, little girls are so dramatic and bossy and emotional and a million other annoying things that I was terrified I'd successfully raise a girl that was like the ones I never understood in high school or that I'd raise a little girl who wanted to.....GASP....take ballet or be a cheerleader. GAG. I was definitely more of a tomboy growing up. I played soccer from ages 4-16, caught bugs, didn't care if I got dirty, liked hanging with my dad in the garage pretend fixing my bike, went to the hardware store with my grandpa. I would play dress up and paint my nails, have slumber parties with my girlfriends and prank call the boys we all liked but I was never a ballet dancing-cheerleading drama mama. Now, don't get me wrong, in my adult life I have grown to love the "girly" things, however, deep in the darkest recesses of my mind, a little girl was always there. For some strange reason I always felt like I would have a girl first, don't know why, I just did. As it turns out, they're pretty darn fun! You can do their hair different ways, they're definitely more fun to shop for, there are definitely better decorating seems that everything in stores made for girls are just more fantastic than the ones made for boys! I've already figured out ways I can allow her involvement in things of an ultra girly nature without wanting to vomit...perhaps she'll learn hip hop/breakdancing instead of tap/ballet, perhaps I'll work hard enough to raise a kind hearted little girl who won't feel the need to allow girly drama to consume her life but the truth is I'll love her always.

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