Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just soak it in...

This Christmas was definitely different...better...more fantastic than any Christmas of my adult life. I just wanted to soak it in, capture all of the little details of a day that I know she'll ask me about when she's older. There were presents, and the eating of wrapping paper but for me there was a little girl sitting in my lap that wasn't there last year. Just the idea of her really. The weird surreal reality that I'm a mom is growing on me a little. I still feel the same as before for the most part, I just have someone new that's along for the ride. She has been the most amazing little sidekick ever! At 12:01 on Christmas day I was holding my new little gal while she ate a bottle and the three of us, in our bed wished each other a Merry Christmas. I kissed her little face and Tyler and I just looked at each other...Merry Christmas sissy.

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