Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is there anything more delicious than this face?...

I'm feeling slightly inspired to write a blog post after waking this little bundle from a semi-deep sleep. It's my desperate attempt to fill her belly with a formula/oatmeal so she sleeps through the night, and I'm telling you right now if it works...I'll be sending flowers to the client friend of mine who suggested it.
But seriously, is there anything more delicious than this face? I honestly can't get enough. We've recently taken to calling her "sissy". Tyler just blurted it out one day and I said..."did you just call her sissy?". He said "yes". I said "That's kinda cute!". From then on, she has been sissy. This may be cheesy to some, and we generally aren't nickname people but for some strange reason it fits. Here are some things she does that make me melt into a puddle on the floor.
1. When I come home from being gone for a while she cranes her neck to see me, and then studies my face before bursting out into a big grin. Almost like she's saying..."I knew you'd come back!".
2. When she wakes in the morning she lays in her crib and just has chat with her mobile.
3. She's stubborn, this isn't necessarily a good thing, but I'm stubborn so we share that sometimes immobilizing character trait. =)
4. Tyler is able to sing and play through and entire set of worship songs for Sunday while she sits and stares at him. No crying. No talking. Just watching.
5. She's spoiled by being held all the time. I don't see why this is an issue.

Anywho, things are moving along with our sweet little sissy. She's sitting up a lot better, although still a little behind in the whole rolling over thing. Her physical therapy appointments for her flat head are making a huge difference, and she's totally off of her prescription Zantac. She has managed to dazzle most everyone she comes into contact with. I can't imagine any other face I'd rather look at, even if it's at 3 in the morning.

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