Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I have to be thankful for...

When I look back on this last year and how much it has brought us I seriously can't believe it. Such a roller coaster and the end result was everything I had imagined. So to be ultra cheesy I'll start a giant list of things I am grateful for.
1. I'm thankful for being able to mend a relationship that was broken between myself and my dad.
2. I'm thankful for a job that valued me enough to hang on for three weeks while I learned to be a mama.
3. I'm thankful for my very best friend Jaci and her prayers and support.
4. I'm thankful for my very best sister friend, Kelly and our understanding of what is means to value each others friendship and lean on each other during our struggles to become mamas. Her struggle continues on and she has shown so much grace during her difficult times.
5. I'm thankful for God answering our prayers directly with the home we're living in.
6. I'm thankful that He provided us with places to live/stay in July when our home wasn't ready yet.
7. I'm thankful for the generosity of my friend Fran when we brought Emery home. She went grocery shopping for me, hit her friends up for baby stuff, and even offered to do the dishes and fold laundry. She called me almost every day to check on us and I seriously was so touched.
8. I'm thankful for God showing us that He is bigger than any obstacle we could ever imagine. He blessed us with an amazing adoption story and journey, one that can only be described as completely Him so that Emery's story will always be a way for us to share Him with others.
9. I'm thankful for an amazing husband who has surpassed my expectations. He's a good leader, friend, talented musician and absolutely amazing dad. I have been thankful for him for the last nine years.
10. Finally, I'm thankful for the little brown eyed girl in the next room. I'm thankful that she makes me laugh with her silly faces and noises, and that when I'm away from her I feel like part of me is missing. I've always felt that way during this process, like part of me was missing. She fits into our family so well, she's so easy going and chill.
I'm thankful that when we look at each other we know we belong Batman and Robin, my little sidekick.


  1. might just be my hormones still all whacked out, but this definitely made me tear up. I'm so thankful that you've shared this journey and for being able to see and praise God with you! :)

  2. I agree with Heather. I love reading about what is going on with you and Tyler...and especially hearing your heart as you go through this whole process. It really is beautiful. I hope we get to meet little Miss Emery someday. Maybe when you are up here, you could stop in at Grace on a Sunday? Would love that....Anyway, thanks for posting this