Monday, November 8, 2010

Pretty girl...

One of the most disgustingly sweet things I've noticed about our new life as parents is that Tyler always refers to Emery as "pretty girl". He picks her up from her crib..."hey pretty girl". She's cranky in her car seat..."It's ok pretty girl". When he arrives home after being away all day..."I missed you pretty girl". I can't get enough. I hope it never changes. One of the greatest things a father can do for his daughter is to help instill self confidence and self worth at an early age. Make her feel like she is, in fact, the "prettiest girl" in the world. My man, is an amazing dad. He is calming, nurturing, funny, and compassionate. This morning he was discussing quarterbacks with her and gearing her up for the Steelers game this evening and I discovered...parenting really highlights things about each other that you never knew existed. I mean after eight and a half years of being married I'm learning something new about Tyler just about every day. It's refreshing. Never, ever in a million years did I anticipate how amazing of a father he'd be. I knew he would be awesome, but this seriously has exceeded my expectations ten fold.

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