Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometime's I forget...

That she hasn't always been ours. That she wasn't born out of my womb but out of my heart instead. That I wasn't there to see her take her first breath or cry her first cry...and not only those first days but first months. It's weird how we've transitioned from being total strangers to lifelong companions...and I truthfully can't imagine my life without her. I was worried in the beginning that I wouldn't connect with her, that I would always feel like she was at arms length away from belonging to me and now it's gone. Today I said to Tyler...I feel like she's mine now. I feel like I know her better and she knows me better...I feel closer to her. This week was my last week before going back to work. No, I wasn't afforded the opportunity to take a full six weeks but I feel like these three weeks have NOT flown by and that I've had so much time to spend with her. I am also glad that my work schedule allows me to only have her with a sitter two days a week...that is a HUGE blessing.
So, my little brown girl and I continue to to form an unshakable bond that I was afraid wouldn't happen in the first place.

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