Sunday, October 31, 2010

Persuasion via creative writing...

***From this post forward I will refer to Emery's biological mother as FM (first mama), for her privacy I won't include her name and I no longer am referring to her as "Her mom".***

The day before we learned Emery was ours I had a conversation with my mom, on her lunch break in the car...don't ask, and I said to her..."I feel like if I were given the opportunity to be IN THE ROOM with FM I could 100% convince her that we were the right people, I could convince her, I'm great at convincing, it's a proven fact". So when we had to fill out a little packet about ourselves for and the last section gave us the opportunity to add any additional details, boy howdy did I jump on that! I had to, this was my opportunity to convince, this was my meeting room. I started to think about FM, about the hard unnatural choice she was about to make and live with for the rest of her life...and I started writing. I didn't use big words, I didn't talk down to her, I did however write..."You will always be a part of her story, you will never be kept a secret." That sentence was the deal maker. That sentence is what made FM change her mind and pick us. Unbelievable. Seriously, when I think about it I still can't believe it. I still can't believe that this last Friday marked 4 weeks we brought this amazing little bug home. She has been fantastic to get to know....she's funny, and sweet but loud and demanding. Her personality is already big and today when Tyler was up on stage singing she sat and stared....and craned her neck to see him. My heart is full to the brim of love for my little wild woman.

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