Friday, July 16, 2010

Tyler & Kari Zielasko or The Zielasko's?

I had a momentary little glimpse of the good life we've been so patiently waiting for the last few months. I went online the other day to order some address labels for our new place and I couldn't resist the owl ones I found, address labels have come a long way since the last time I ordered them like 5 years ago! I got to the usual part where you have to enter your name and address as you'd like it to appear on the label and I was bouncing back and forth between Tyler & Kari Zielasko or just The Zielasko's. After going back and forth way too long, I had an epiphany. We will be The Zielasko's no matter the number of children we have. If I made our labels Tyler & Kari I'd be leaving out all of the fabulous individuals that'll be joining our ranks sooner than later! So...I'll leave you with the reveal of the our new address labels.

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