Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh neglected blog...

There have been an insurmountable amount of changes for us in the last couple weeks and I just have not been able to gather my thoughts enough to blog about anything. Since the last post we have packed and moved out of a place that we called home for two years, shipped our dogs off to both of my sister's houses, celebrated the 4th, slept at one sisters house, a coworkers house while she's on vacation, and now tomorrow we'll start our new stay at friends of ours house (hopefully only for about a week before we're in our new place). It's a wonder in and of itself that my head hasn't exploded or that I haven't started rocking weirdly in a corner!
There's a negative quality about myself...ok wait, there's a quality about myself that if used improperly can be a very negative quality. Control. I must have it in certain situations....and like I mentioned before there are times where I definitely need to lay off and just let go. Our current living situation is one in particular where I feel that I have zero control. None. I can't single handedly move these people across the country, I can't close on their house for them, organize the moving company, pack their home or anything. I just have to wait. Which sucks. I keep going through all these scenarios in my head, "what if we don't get in before our vacation?", "what if we can't get in right after we get back?", "what if this whole thing falls through and we're the idiots who don't have a place to live?" I can't tell you how many times Tyler has said to me "KARI! Just let it go!". Needless to say, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to enjoy and soak up all the love and hospitality that friends and family of ours have given us through places to stay and meals and dog sitting and just enjoy this time. No big house to clean, no puppies to let out and break up fights with...our next place we're staying at will have a pool and a lake view. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

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