Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is not our backup plan...

Sometimes when I look at where we were in the beginning of this process 9 months ago, I start to think that if someone doesn't know us and our situation they might think we're scraping the bottom of the adoption barrel. I hate that. Adoption is not a "second best" alternative. At this time, this is our "first choice" route to adding to our family. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Foster care is not the "easy way out". In fact, I think it's the harder option, the most challenging and unpredictable option.
I can't control what people think about us when they hear we're adopting. I can't, without making myself look completely insecure and weird, tell them that "I'm not barren". That's just weird, and none of their business. I can only speak volumes of how adoption has changed Tyler and I and we haven't even completed the process yet. I can only tell them that from the start our goal has always been the same, no matter the country, age, the color, or the family that he/she comes from, they still need US, or they need US to love them until their families can take care of them again. I'm excited to be spent at the end of the day with my foster kids. I know I won't always feel that way but at least I'll know that sometimes at the end of a difficult day I've given my best to a child who hasn't ever gotten anyone's best.

Please continue to pray that Tyler and I make the right decision regarding our domestic adoption. We still realistically have a few more months before our home is licensed for foster care and we start incurring some costs (i.e. supplies, extra furniture for the bedroom, clothing etc.) and we really honestly want to make the right decision. If you know of any millionaires who'd like to do a good deed, please by all means point them in our direction.

1 John 4:19
"We love each other because He first loved us."

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  1. Oh I get it! We're with you 100 and 10%.Fran