Monday, June 28, 2010


Sometimes I struggle with the lack of communication from my Creator. I can't explain it...ebb and flow is normal in a relationship but as of recently its just been a little quiet. I found this poem on a blog tonight, and it say the very least, appropriate for me. Right here. Right now.

Silence by Bradley Hathaway

What’s happening here?
I was once so alive and now I’m so full of dread and almost dead
Show me Your wounded head that is lead to communion with the Father

But where did He go?

His presence seems farther and farther away each day
but I’m trying so hard to steer His way
Yet still lonely and confused on this cold hard ground I lay

Speak to me wise mouth and say “it’s all good kid, it’s nothing that you did, and though it feels like I’m not here with you right now just be still and silent and listen for that sound..

Did you hear it?
Listen again.
Did you hear it?

That silent voice that just spoke nothing, that is Me, I’m listening to your plea with open ears
Counting all your tears flowing from your irritated eyes
Searching the skies looking for that hope that beyond there lies.

Oh you young worrisome sparrow, find rest
Lay your battered head upon My omnipresent breast and make it your nest
No strong cold wind could ever blow and carry you from this your home

Look around, see the life shooting up from the ground
Spring colors springing fourth and celebration of your trusting

It’s a constant process this is
Growing you into the person you are to become
But when you sense the setting of the sun know it is only rising and has just begun
Now go fourth, sing songs of faith, and lift up others in the midst of this race

And if you can’t keep the pace or lose sight of My face
Know that I’m always near so you need not fear

But don’t worry about all that right now

Just sit here and enjoy the peace I offer in My silence
When I am silent I am listening, and not abandoning.

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