Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

We got another grant refusal in the mail on Friday. This was the very last one that we were waiting on and truthfully since we began our foster parent classes I hadn't really given much thought about it, which was nice. The other three I was psycho about. I'm struggling here. I'm wondering if the fact that we haven't gotten any assistance from any of the grants means we should can it all together. At what point do you say, ok this is a definite no. We are at a completely different place today with adoption than where we started. I mean seriously? We started with these grandiose plans of international adoption, then we moved on to domestic infant adoption, and now we're doing foster care. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think foster care is the bottom of the adoption food chain, it's just such a different animal than what we started with, it's kinda crazy. Truthfully I've always had this thing for helping the kids that no one else wants. In any situation that I was involved in with children I always gravitated towards the ones that caused the most trouble or looked the least loved. That doesn't make me a saint, it makes me....me.
So the question is, do we continue or don't we? Do we use the resources we've raised to create a a suitable temporary environment for our future foster children? Do we save it for the future children we hope to adopt? Do we save it for a.....I can't believe I'm typing this....MINIVAN!
Our foster parent class was changed from Wednesday to tonight (Tuesday) and it was, as usual, informative, thought provoking, excitement inducing, poignant, inspiring....and the list goes on and on. I feel like I can be really open and honest with the Anna as well as the people in our class. We also met with our Licensing Specialist from Children's Home Society and she gave us a little bit of a rundown on what to expect when we actually have her come by and inspect our house. She was so nice and so excited that we were excited to be foster parents! Overall our experience so far has been completely enriching. It has put so many different things into perspective for us...I love it.

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