Monday, May 31, 2010

Uneasy, uncomfortable means growth...

"It comes as no surprise that finding families willing to open their doors to the rigors of foster parenting is so hard. Fostering means knowing about things most of us would prefer to forget. It means recognizing that our best is often not good enough. It means only knowing the difficult beginnings of a story and being forced to imagine the end. It means loving children who will ultimately leave us, then drying our tears and letting ourselves love again."
This book is exactly what I've been looking for. "Another Place at the Table" is written in the first person by a lady who, along with her husband, have fostered over 100 children over the course of 20 years. She highlights about 6 of the children she fostered and chose to tell their stories individually. I'll highlight those over the next few posts but I just wanted to share with you this quote that really, honestly, wholeheartedly opened my eyes to what it is we'll be dealing with. I will learn more about myself in the next 8 weeks of our foster parent classes than I probably have my entire life. I will recognize my limits and I will identify the uneasy, uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach means I'm growing as a person, as a future mama and foster mama. There will be points in our classes where Tyler and I will have to make changes to our original plan and that doesn't show our weaknesses it shows our ability to recognize what we are capable of offering these children.
Please continue to pray for our fundraising efforts for our domestic adoption. Please pray for us as we continue on the foster parenting route!

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