Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is it...

Tomorrow night's the night. Where we begin a journey into the true blue unknown! Where we learn to parent children that may not permanently be ours. That's weird. I'm excited to learn more, if you know anything about me (besides the fact that I'm stubborn, impatient, and scared of clowns) you know that I love to learn new processes...which is weird since I have a little bit of a learning disability. I can't wait to meet the people we'll go through these next 10 weeks with, and here a little more of their stories.
There's something about this path that just seems right. It feels like it's truly going to be our niche. I keep thinking about our house full of children, bursting at the seems! I love it. I asked Tyler last night if it freaked him out that we might go from zero to three kids in a year? He said "nope". Love it.
In other news regarding our domestic adoption, we're still waiting for another grant application to be processed. We should hear something mid June! HOORAY!

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