Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gearing up for heatbreak...

How do you gear up for having your heart broken? It's inevitable with foster parenting, that's what Anna, our foster parenting class teacher (woah that's a lot of adjectives, I'll come up with a clever name for her in my next post) says. She also says that even with that heart ache and heart break she continues fostering, for the last 4 years to be exact. People like her inspire me to be a better person. I think about what my day looks like and compare it what her day looks like and I just feel like a putz! I mean she's dealing with situations that really matter in life, not what color polish someone wants to put on their toes or what color they want to dye their hair, but REAL things. Whether or not they'll go back to their mom and dad, or bounce from foster home to foster home. The statistics we heard tonight were mind blowing and humbling and in my opinion canNOT be ignored. 83% of children that come into care have been sexualized (sexually abused, seen a sexual act, viewed pornography). I can't process that. I'm so protected in my little "normal childhood" cocoon that this is just not a reality to me. This is happening. Children can't possibly be treated this way. No way.
I think these classes will really stretch me emotionally. If I'm shaken by just a few statistics tonight I can't imagine what it'll be like to hear the real stories and prepare myself for the possibilities of fostering children with MAJOR issues. Tyler not so much, because he used to be a therapist and has seen a lot when it comes to children being mistreated or in group homes. When I left tonight I didn't want to know more, but then I did, you know? It's weird. These next ten weeks will undoubtedly be the biggest learning experience of my life. More on that later...this woman can barely keep her eyes open.

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