Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uncomfortable feeling...

We've had to make a lot of decisions together over the course of our almost nine year relationship, but when it comes to this adoption we've like accelerated our tough decision making by a lot. We're trying to raise money right? We're selling some of our things, cutting most fun things out of our budget, saving our change, had a garage sale, pimping Just Love Coffee to facebook friends and family, applied like crazy to a lot of grant places...but there has been one thing the both of us have been avoiding since the beginning. Sending out a support letter to friends and family. This has been hands down the second most difficult thing in this journey, the first of course being almost baby in January. You see we don't view this experience or this chosen path as someone else's responsibility to foot the bill, or an easy way out. We do not expect that the teeny amount of support letters we sent out will cover the whole balance that we have left. We're mainly using this avenue as a way to help make a little bit of a dent in that very large $15,000+. I talked to Tyler a lot about this. I kept going back and forth, should we or shouldn't we. I'm afraid of what people will think when they get the letter. Will they be mad? Annoyed? Offended? Confused? Will they talk about it to other people and think badly of us for doing this? Because here's a secret...I care a lot about what my friends and close family think of me. It's a problem most days. I talk a big game sometimes and generally have a pretty thick skin about most things but I don't want people who have received the letter to see me and be put off. Here's the cold hard truth. We can't do this adoption without sending a support letter out. SO if you read this and you received a letter, please know that it was covered in prayer before we sent it out, please know that we agonized over whether or not this was the right move, please know that we don't expect one million dollars, know that you were special enough to us that we really felt this letter would be received positivity.


  1. Got it! ;) We love you Tyler and Kari and I am positive that those whom you sent the letter do too and want to see the Lord use you as parents. He will help you raise this $$ in His perfect time.

  2. Thanks dear heart...you're my favorite.