Saturday, April 24, 2010

Through the good and the bad, the quiet and the loud...

These last couple months have been say the very least. As you've noticed in a few of my posts and also in my lack of posting lately. It's been slow going with raising money and we're just struggling to make the right decisions for our family and to help, not hurt, this adoption process. My focus has been nonexistent, which as someone with ADHD that's really saying somethin'! Our midwest family has been completely a dream since we began this adoption process...specifically Tyler's parents, his brother and wife, and my bestie Jaci. They've collected change, given us bonuses, padded our Christmas checks with some extra $$$, and lifted us and our child up in prayer. Words absolutely positively canNOT express what this does for my heart. When I think about bringing this child home, which is just about every second of the day, I think of all the amazing stories we'll be able to tell them when they get here. I'll be able to show them pictures or point out the people who gave up time or money or both to help bring them to us. People that invested in their future without even knowing if they would ever get to meet them.
This morning my in-laws (mom, dad, bro in law, sis in law) put together a garage sale. They've been collecting donations for over a month, and advertising to friends and family for donations. Well my dear friends at the end of the day today they raised $1,050! I can't even believe it! When they told us what the final total was I was completely blown away! That teeny small town raised more in their garage sale than our booming metropolis. Terri (MIL) told me that there were people who showed up because it was an adoption fundraiser and began sharing their adoption stories as well, whether it was they had adopted or had BEEN adopted. The adoption community gets it...they really do. It doesn't matter if it's here in the U.S. or Internationally this process is so grueling and rewarding at the same time. After I hung up the phone I just was such a blessing to know that people stand behind us enough to use an entire Saturday, probably some of their own money, their house and yard just for us. No just for almost baby.
So thanks. Thanks to Jim and Terri for using their home, you two have supported us 100% from the beginning. Thanks to Chris and Crystal for rallying behind us to make this a reality, all the while growing your own baby in your belly. Thanks to every last one of you that donated stuff, even if it was a teeny box of random stuff, we don't care. We're learning serious truth behind the saying "every little bit counts".
Through the good and the bad, the quiet and the loud this child, whenever they do finally make it into our arms will have the biggest family ever.

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