Monday, April 26, 2010

These eight years...

Yes we were thinner...and definitely young, but we still have the most fun with each other and it's actually even more fun now. It's hard to believe that eight years has gone by since I began life with this guy. We had a whirlwind relationship...met in a hallway between my sisters dorm and the conversation went something like this...
Kelly: "Tyler this is my sister Kari"
We exchange hello's...initially I thought he was cute.
Tyler: "Want some beef jerky?"
Me: "Uh, no thanks"
Tyler: "Huh, well more for me".
He worked in my dorm at the information desk, and I stalked him. I couldn't help it though, he was so cute and VERY funny. He didn't consider me a dumb girl that was involved in ridiculous drama or lamo brother/sister hall activities. We continued our few times weekly conversations while he "worked" and I fell for him, hook, line and sinker. We were wrapping up our spring semester and I was ready to head back home to Florida for the summer so we didn't even begin a dating relationship. "Just friends" was our motto at the time. I was worried about leaving for home, I didn't know what would happen to whatever it was that was happening. This was "pre-everybody had cell phones" era so I knew that we wouldn't be able to chat all the time on the phone and we really hadn't gotten to that point yet anyway. We stuck with email for the first few weeks and even hand writing letters as well, then we graduated to long phone convo's and before you knew it I was headed back to the good ole WL (Winona Lake) for a wedding. He met me at the airport with daisies and a kit kat. We went to a field and watched for shooting stars...I waited for him to bring up the whole "lets ditch the just friends label" but he wouldn't do it. It wasn't until a couple days later while we were on a walk that we stopped at the amphitheater and told each other "I love you". We talked about our wedding that night and our future together. He asked to hold my hand. July 13th 2001. Fast forward to late November we're engaged and then April 27th, 2002 and we were MARRIED!
He is my perfect match. He is my very best friend. He is who knows me to my core and loves me despite what he sees. He is considerate, smart, hilarious, compassionate, a gentleman, a good provider, intuitive, sensitive and lets not forget cute as a button! Waking up to him next to me for the last eight years has been nothing short of fantastic and I find comfort in our candid conversations and admissions.
Tyler, these eight years have brought us through many changes. Job changes, church changes, family changes, physical and emotional changes. These eight years have brought us so much laughter, and tears and growth. These eight years I have been blessed to have someone like you by my side every step of the way. I can't imagine doing this life without you, here's to these NEXT eight years, love.


  1. Happy Anniversary guys! I remember that day--it was so fun to celebrate with you. I'm thankful that we have fb and blogs to keep in touch over the years. It's been great to see how God has led you and I can't wait to see what else He has in store for you! :)

  2. I remember those early dating years back in good ol' WL!!! Happy Anniversary you guy!!

  3. Oh my. You look SO precious in that picture!! And is it even possible that you've been married for EIGHT years?!?! Crazy.