Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curiosity will not kill this cat...

So this is the week. The little girl that we said no to will be entering the world, and I don't know the outcome of it. I'm not running around getting things organized and put together for her arrival or looking forward to some time away from work (even if that means sleepless nights with a newborn), Tyler and I didn't celebrate our anniversary last night with our phones by our side in case we got a call from fab social worker. I don't know if the mom is deciding to keep her or if she has decided to give her up. I've been out of that loop since we said "thanks but no thanks". I prayed for her the other night...the mom. What if she still hasn't decided what she's going to do? These whole nine months and it's up in the air? What is that even like? Well I think she's amazing no matter if she chooses to keep her or give her up.
I'll tell you this much. As much as these fingers want to type an email to fab social worker inquiring the status of that situation, they won't. Wondering what it's like to be unsure of what you'll do with the child growing inside you...
For once curiosity will not kill this cat.

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