Thursday, April 8, 2010

And we wait...

Still waiting to hear back from our last grant. They were supposed to send us yes or no via snail mail and I've been checking the mailbox like an idiot for the last week...waiting. I keep telling Tyler that I will literally wet my pants if we get assistance from them. So get ready for that blog if it's a yes!
Sometimes this blog is a blessing and sometimes it's a curse. It's a blessing when I can think of clever or profound things to say and it's a curse when I go so long in between posts and I feel obligated to write. It's an adoption blog for crying out loud and right now NOTHING is happening in adoption land. I need it though. I feel like it's a good friend that I haven't called in a while and that I can't seem to make time for. Every once in a while I'll come up with a good blog post idea and voice record it onto my phone so when I get a dry spell I'll use some of those ideas. My voice recorder is empty. Sorry folks.

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  1. Um...well, soon and very soon you will be advertising for your very own Adoption Fundraiser Photo best start writing the draft. :)