Sunday, March 14, 2010

More birth mother thoughts...

Currently I know quite a few pregnant women. I see their bellies growing, I see them tired, I see people rub their bellies and ask when they're due and if they know whether it's a boy or girl, any names picked out. What is that like for a woman who doesn't intend on keeping her child? Does she pretend she's excited about this? Does she lie and chat baby names and such? What's strange is that I want strangers to ask me similar things, because I'm excited to be a mom and finish this long journey, but how the heck would they know?! I've had clients at work ask me in the last few months if I have children, and of course I answer no and sometimes (depends on the client) I tell them that we're adopting. I could make it really awkward and make an announcement every time I started a conversation with someone. Maybe I should by one of those fake preggers bellies and then they'll all be confused when I "birth" a brown baby...HA! Not because I want to be pregnant but what a conversation starter that big ole pregnant belly is!
I always think about my future child's first mom. I think about what they truly deserve and how they probably think they don't, I've mentioned that in previous posts. I have and always will think she is the bravest woman I will ever have the pleasure of maybe knowing.
In other news, we're moving again. We've moved 12 times in our 8 years together, that's a long story and not very interesting so I'll spare you the details but the bottom line is our new place is a MASSIVE answer to prayer. Seriously, it's an absolute undeniable answered prayer. We live in a townhouse, it's cute, it's new, it's the nicest place we've ever lived (and the longest place we've ever called home). We got a great deal on it when we moved in almost two years ago, but we've simply outgrown it. Guster (our almost 80 pound Weimaraner) and our future child made us realize that we need a real house. Fenced yard, our own space, no sharing walls with people, no sharing parking spaces with people. About three or four months ago we started praying that God would allow us to rent a home with a yard for CHEAPER than what we pay now. Basically we were asking for more for less. Last week I was informed by a coworker that one of our massage therapists husband had to take a job in California and they were moving ASAP. Three bedroom, two bath, two car garage, large fenced in backyard, an acre and a half...and the list goes on, the best part? We'll be saving $150 a month in rent. A direct answer to prayer. We will more than likely be in there by Mid-May to early June.
Oh yeah one more great thing...I'll be able to decorate a nursery.

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  1. That is such great news! I'm glad everything is falling into place. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love you!
    -Evan & Katie