Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loss reevaluated...

I have a friend from college...her name is Jenny. She has one very adorable little girl named Gwen and just shy of a week ago had another little gem ON THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR, named Olivia. One problem. Olivia has a very terrible disease called Trisomy 13, you can read more about it here. Basically only a few short months into her pregnancy she found out that not only was she carrying a child who would have significant physical abnormalities but the chances of the Olivia making it full term were not very great...and the chances of her making it full term, surviving the birth and living were even more grave. Let me just tell you something, Jen is my new hero. She pressed on through the entire pregnancy (opting not to terminate, which was suggested by her doctor). She wanted whatever time she could have with her little girl, even if it was minutes. She had to make funeral plans while this little one was kicking around inside of her. She had to make the tough choice of decorating the nursery and setting up the crib knowing full well that Olivia may never make it home. I absolutely can't imagine what kind of strength someone possesses in order to make decisions like that. I would probably be in my jammies, under the covers, depressed and emotional if that were me. Instead just a couple weeks ago she arranged a family photo shoot so that they could get a picture together, all four of them (hubby, jen, gwen, and olivia in utero). I literally could go on for pages about the strength that she has exhibited up until this point. However, right now, Olivia is struggling to breath, struggling for life, and this is a new reality that Jen will have to face...the reality of losing a child. I don't think anything could have prepared her for these moments, and I'm sure that she is a hot mess. I'm sure she's really grasping at the good things in this situation...she got to meet her, touch her, see her, hold her. Please pray for her over these next few weeks and months. Please pray that God will provide her with the strength to make it through.
Late last night (Sunday) Olivia passed away.

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